Hi, I'm Kathrin

Digital Entrepreneur & Head of Digital Transformation at Lindsett

I am a Digital Entrepreneur & LinkedIn content creator from Germany, living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I help businesses develop digital marketing, branding & social media strategies. AKA – If you are a business or business owner looking to brand, digitalize, and grow your business, you’re in the right place.

Having worked in different multinational organizations & start-ups in Germany, the Netherlands, France, England, and the United States for        more than a decade, I specialize in supporting companies adapt to digital transformation, new technologies, and digital marketing trends.
Besides, I help companies better understand the needs of different generations, in order to create a Millennial / Gen Z friendly working environment. My objective is to empower companies to successfully integrate these elements into their strategy, workplace development, and culture.

My blog covers topics around Entrepreneurship, Business Creation, Digital Marketing, Health & Wellness, Personal Development & Self-Care.

To get in touch, please message me via the contact section or connect with me on LinkedIn.



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